By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

OWASSO, OK -- A father is on a quest to protect his unborn child.

Daniel Brafford's wife, Shiloh Brafford, is charged with murdering his 14-month-old son. Shiloh is also pregnant with his child and due to give birth anytime.

A judge has granted Daniel custody of the baby as soon as he or she is born, but he's afraid he may never know when that happens or where.

Shiloh Brafford was charged with the murder, booked into jail and released on $100,000 bond earlier this month. She was not given an ankle monitor or ordered to remain in Oklahoma, so Daniel is afraid he may never see his baby once it's born.

Davis Brafford was a blue-eyed little boy whose mom and dad were divorced.

His dad, Daniel, remarried a woman named Shiloh and less than two months into the marriage, on July 18, 2008, Shiloh was watching Davis along with her children. Something happened to him and Shiloh called 911.

A court affidavit indicates Shiloh gave several stories to the doctors and nurses about how he got his head injury.

At first, Daniel believed it was an accident and stayed with his wife and she became pregnant about five months later. But, after an OSBI investigation into Davis' death and the ME's report was released, Daniel became convinced his son's death was no accident.

"He was always happy and smiling. He's a beautiful baby. You can see in the pictures, he's beautiful. It's hard to believe anybody could do something like that," said Daniel Brafford, Davis' father.

Daniel filed for divorce and got a protective order. Shiloh filed protective orders of her own that have since been dismissed.

Prosecutors charged Shiloh with first degree murder and she was released on bond.

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Daniel was worried about his unborn baby, so his attorney asked a judge to give Daniel sole custody of the baby once it's born and the judge agreed. Daniel is still worried the child will be hidden from him or worse, hurt.

"We don't know who the doctor is, when and where she's having it or anything. All we can do is put alerts out and hope somebody catches it," said Daniel Brafford.

In the meantime, he says his emergency bag and car seat are in the car. The nursery is ready and his support group through the parent and child resource center is ready to help him, along with family and friends.

Shiloh's attorney, Patrick Adams, says she's an RN with no criminal history, who would never harm a child. He says she has been at every court hearing, including one two days ago.

He says she will comply with every court order, even if it breaks her heart and she plans to fight the custody order. Adams also says Shiloh is innocent of hurting Davis and will be cleared.

Records show Shiloh has three other children by three other fathers and each of them has custody and she is allowed only supervised visits.

Shiloh's next court date on the murder charge is in October.