By Rick Wells, The News On 6

Preserving, restoring, and distributing classic movies are the primary business of a local company.

They are one of the pioneers in home video distribution and it turns out, you can find a little movie magic by driving no farther than East Tulsa.

"We've got about 500 DVD's in release and about 4,000 movies still in the library we're working on," said Bob Blair.

Bob and Don Blair operate the video company their dad started almost 50 years ago. Then it was 16mm copies of feature films rented to schools, churches, and individuals, now it is DVDs shipped to individuals all over the world.

"But we also sell to a lot of wholesale customers Amazon, Blockbuster to Walmart and everybody in between," Bob Blair said.

Tiffany Clayton's one of the technicians whose job it is to restore the old films, and she's working on what will be VCI's first Blu-Ray release, the 1951 British film version of "A Christmas Carol."

"You can almost see what kind of fabric is on the coat," Tiffany said.

Tiffany will go through it frame by frame and fix any little imperfections - sort of bring it back to life.

"Once they've cleared up the picture, they go through and clean up the sound, take out the hiss and pops and things like that." said co-owner Bob Blair.  

This Blu-Ray release will be completed in time for the Christmas rush.  

There's a 1968 episode of Lassie that may get a new life someday. VCI distributes documentaries, European films, classic television, cult films and Westerns, lots of Westerns.

"People still want to see Westerns," said co-owner Don Blair.

No one's making Westerns anymore. Today's movies have more zip, they say, but aren't necessarily better.

The effects are fancier there's more blood and guts - more sex - but the old stories are what entertain.

And the old stories are what fill up boxes and the film cans on the shelves of VCI Entertainment.

"People still want to see these films," said Don Blair.