By Lori Fullbright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa attorney who makes a living representing criminals, has become the victim of crime. Burglars kicked in the front door of Sheila Naifeh's home Monday afternoon.

She says they took her television along with thousands of dollars worth of custom jewelry she designed.

"They took that one; they took this one," Naifeh said, indicating her jewelry.

Sheila Naifeh says she's more upset about the dozen custom made rings that were taken during the break-in than anything else.  She has photos of the missing rings that she sells at the Blue Dome Festival.

She says she got a patent for her design that goes into effect next week.

"I think it's just the work I put into it," said burglary victim Sheila Naifeh."I know people get rings stolen all the time that they bought and are sentimental. But, to actually pour my heart into it and years of work, for that to be gone - just want my rings back."

She says the rings were in a room where the burglars tossed things out of drawers onto the floor. They were in a now-empty black ring case, she says.

The other thing she says she's missing is a sentimental piece from her late father.

"My dad had made a gold doubloon that's around six ounces of gold," Naifeh said. "He made it. I designed it and said ‘Dad, make it.'

"It reminds me of a Spanish doubloon I wore. The officer asked me if I had a picture of it and the only one would be of when I wore it at my dad's funeral."

As a criminal defense attorney, Sheila is familiar with plea deals and says she'd be willing for the burglars to get a lighter sentence, if she'd just get her jewelry back.

Neighbors gave police an excellent description of the burglars' vehicle and officers found it today.

Detectives arrested two brothers, Sean and Diante Rowe just this afternoon for the break-in. Police say they have recovered some of the stolen property.