By Chris Wright, The News On 6

JENKS, OK -- Trojan Pride runs deep in Jenks, even at places not traditionally associated with football. Wednesday afternoon at the Jenks Beauty School, the hot topic was not the latest on the Jon and Kate saga, but rather Coach Allan Trimble's indefinite suspension.

"It's not the same team without him," said Tieg Grayson, Jenks graduate. "It's the same kids, the same school spirit, but not the same team."

"It is devastating," said Jenks graduate Stefani Akins. "We're not really going to be the same without him.  He was a really good coach, and I don't think anybody can really replace him."

Most people we talked to share that sentiment, saying the OSSAA's decision was too harsh.

But not everyone is upset. Others say this punishment fits the crime.

"You shouldn't cheat. It's a bottom line.  It's not right. It's high school sports. They're supposed to be having fun out there, not cheating," said Justin Parker, football fan.

The district has stood by Trimble throughout this ordeal. Administrators have said they do not plan on firing him.

Fans hope they maintain that stance, and if this suspension is lifted, would love to see him to return to the sidelines.

"Maybe apologize, and come to realize what he did, yeah it would be awesome if he came back," said Stefani Akins, Jenks grad.