By Ashli Sims, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- This time next month, Tulsans will cast their ballots for mayor. The two leading candidates have sparred in a flurry of negative ads.

Democrat Tom Adelson and Republican Dewey Bartlett are facing off over the airwaves, but on Friday Adelson took center stage at the Tulsa Press Club.

Democrat Tom Adelson and Republican Dewey Bartlett are trading barbs on television screens across Tulsa.

At the Tulsa Press Club, Adelson seemed to want to switch the conversation back to policy and the many challenges Tulsa's next mayor will face.

"The next mayor has to get very busy quickly prioritizing services and making sure that the quality of public services that we've grown accustomed to continue," said Tom Adelson, (D) mayoral candidate.

Adelson's laundry list of priorities include tackling crime, giving education a boost and paving the way for better roads.

"I want to make sure that every dollar for streets goes to fix streets. We need a transparent and vigilant process, so that citizens feel confident that their hard earned dollars are being spent on streets," said Tom Adelson.

When asked about working with the city council, Adelson referenced his experience working across the aisle in the state legislature.

"It's that record of effectiveness, that record of collaboration, that I think really works, that I plan to bring to the mayor's office," said Tom Adelson.

But getting to that office is proving to be nasty business. When asked about his negative ads, Adelson says he's responding to his opponent.

"I care deeply about how I'm seen by friends and family and supporters," said Tom Adelson.

He says his ads are about half positive and half negative, but that will change heading into election day.

"Most of our TV, will be positive just about Tulsa, our future, what I think I offer to the city, but we'll probably have to continue to respond as well," said Tom Adelson.

The Tulsa Press Club will feature Republican candidate Dewey Bartlett next week and independent candidate Mark Perkins the week after that. The election is November 10th.

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