By Kyle Dierking, Reporter

TULSA, Oklahoma -- The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Association could see thousands of dollars coming its way from Jenks High School's participation in the 2009 football playoffs.

According to the list of self-imposed penalties released by Jenks on October 2, the school district said it will pay back any money that it receives in ticket sales from playing in the 2009 football playoffs.

Documents obtained through an open records request show that Jenks netted $29,742.99 in playoff ticket sales in 2007 and $23,614.58 in 2008.

"I thought that was something as far as a self-imposed penalty, I was kind of like ‘wow they're thinking ahead and that's something they've obviously considered,'" said Dr. Stephanie Spring, OSSAA board president and Tulsa Public Schools Athletic Director in an October 4 interview.

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