By Chris Wright, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Arrow's collapse has left hundreds of workers without jobs only days before Christmas and scores of drivers stranded across the country.

The News On 6 was flooded Tuesday afternoon with calls from those in the trucking industry who have openings. The calls continue to come in on Wednesday.

Companies located in the same area as Arrow Trucking to companies as far away as Wisconsin are calling and emailing their offers to help - and hire.

There may not be enough work for everyone at Arrow who lost their job, but it may soften the blow.

The holidays will likely be less than merry for laid-off Arrow employees like J.P. Price.

He is now unemployed and about to become a father.

"Unfortunately, my son my first child will be born in about four days, and it's three days before Christmas. I have no insurance now and I haven't been paid for over a month. Mortgage is due bills are due," Price said.

Kermit Hoffmeier, of Hoffmeier Inc, said, "I think it's saddening, especially at this time of year to have employees out of work. I wouldn't want to be out of work at Christmas and I'm sure they wouldn't either."

Hoffmeier, who heads the company named after him, says word of the Arrow layoffs spread quickly throughout the Tulsa trucking community.

Despite the economic difficulties that are crippling companies like Arrow, he says 2009 has been Hoffmeier Incorporated's most successful year ever.

That means there are openings.

"We're quite the opposite. We're hiring and we need some truck drivers and we need some mechanics," Hoffmeier said.

Hoffmeier says he has roughly twenty open positions.

While the layoffs are discouraging, he believes most that lost their jobs will be back on their feet soon.

"I think if you drive down the highway and look at all these signs, 'drivers needed.' Their drivers should be able to find work if they're qualified to be a truck driver," Hoffmeier said.

Arrow employees say the company has offered to buy bus tickets for drivers who are not only now unemployed, but stranded on routes across the country.

Below we have compiled a list of all the companies that contacted us to let Arrow's employees know they have jobs available.

Employees at Arrow Trucking can call the State Labor Commissioner to file a claim about getting their paychecks, 1-888-269-5353.

Paschall Truck Lines has openings in the Oklahoma City area. is an organization of about 32,000 truckers that is offering help for the stranded truckers. Online application forms are available at their web site.

"We want to get the current location of these drivers and connect them to someone who can help," said Samuel Barradas.

"If possible, we'd like to get these people to their homes, and at least to the nearest bus station."

The Oklahoma Trucking Association gives stranded drivers information on whom to call for transport home and also hiring information for drivers and employees at their web site.

The following companies are offering jobs and or help in the wake of Arrow Trucking closing its doors.

  • LinkAmerica
    • openings available
    • (918) 828-7620.
  • Kelworth Trucking in Poteau
    • Help with getting drivers home
    • 1-800-331-3399 x216
  • C Bean Transport in Fort Smith, Arkansas
    • Help with getting drivers home and has job openings
    • 1-888-646-2177
  • Knight Transportation in Tulsa, Brad Hicks
    • Job Opportunities
    • 1-800-769-2977
  • Hoffmeier Incorporated in Tulsa
    • Creating new positions for mechanics and drivers
    • 918-428-6195
  • John Veriha Trucking In Wisconsin
    • Looking to hire around 50 positions at various sites across the nation
    • 800-333-9291
  • Marten Transport
    • Looking to hire over a hundred drivers at various sites across the nation
    • 800-393-3337
  • Roehl Transport
    • Looking to hire hundreds of drivers at various sites across the nation
    • Offering a $1500 signing bonus for highly-experienced drivers
    • 800-467-6345
  • Freymiller Inc in OKC
    • Looking to hire drivers, mechanics & office personnel
    • 800-909-5664 x330
  • ABCO Transportation, Spirit Express Trucking, Paramount Freight Systems
    • numerous job openings in all states and would really like to help any of the drivers that lost their jobs at Arrow. 
    • some opening for support staff and mechanics as well.
    • (866) 208-5195.
  • Paschall Truck Lines
    • approximately 50 job openings in the eastern half of the United States
    • job openings in the Oklahoma City area
    • 877-774-3533
  • Prime Inc.
    • Help with getting drivers home and job openings
    • 800-224-4585
  • Copeland Trucking Co. In OKC with satellite office in Tulsa
    • Openings for Flatbed Drivers
    • 866-692-7202
  • Hunt Transportation
    • Openings for Flatbed Drivers at various locations in the U.S.
    • 888-228-9685
  • Shaffer Trucking
    • Hiring drivers to run refrigerated OTR and Regional freight from various locations across the nation
    • 800-669-0322
  • Crete Carrier Corporation
    • Hiring OTR and Regional drivers from various locations across the country
    • 800-998-2221
  • TMC Transportation in Des Moines, IA
    • hiring OTR drivers.
    • call 1-800-247-2862 ext. 1
  • Oklahoma Tank Lines, United Petroleum Transports located in Tulsa
    •  looking to hire Mechanics, Drivers and Office workers
    • 800-666-8265, 405-677-6633 
  • PI & I Motor Express 
    • Terminal in Tulsa near Arrow Trucking 
    • call 1-800-321-2733 ext. 135
  • Rush Trucking located in west Tulsa
    • looking to hire Mechanics
    • 918-447-8630
  • Dynamic Transit, located in St. Louis 
    • Hiring,
    • 800-972-4694 ext. 206 
  • Miller Truck Lines, LLC located in Tulsa
    • Help for stranded truckers who need rides
    • 800-364-5874
  • Jim Palmer Trucking
    • Hiring, & Can help get drivers home  
    • call 800-548-3110 or talk to a driver 
    O & S Trucking, Springfield, MO 
          °  Drivers Needed, 800-509-2021
  • GTS, Grand Rapids, Michigan & Dallas, Texas
          ° Drivers Needed, 1-800-326-8889
  • Green Country Tank Lines, Tulsa  
          ° Drivers Needed, 918-388-3835
  • E.W. Wiley Corp., Fargo, N.D.
          ° Hiring drivers, 800-437-4132
  • CLG of Tulsa
          º Hiring Owner-Operators
          º Call 918-665-5553 and ask for Kathy
  • Western Express in Nashville, TN
    • Hiring Drivers
    • 800-316-7100
  • Halvor Lines Inc, Superior, WI
    • Hiring Drivers
    • 800-346-1472 x135
  • CRST in Various location including Oklahoma
    • Hiring Drivers and Support Personell
    • 319-390-2741
  • WSE Transportation, Elm Springs AR
    • Opportunities for drivers and O/O, nationwide
    • 800-564-6973
  • Leavitts Freight Service Springfield, OR
    • Hiring drivers 
    • 541-747-4236
  • Stiles Truck Line
    • Regional flatbed driving jobs available mostly in Texas
    • 800-877-4790

If you have opportunities or the ability to help stranded drivers and would like to be added to this page please contact us. Here is the contact page for the News On 6.