By Melissa Maynarich, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A car wreck can cause terrible injuries, and for a child, the experience can be very traumatic. That's why EMSA ambulance crews are now outfitted with more than just medical equipment, they have teddy bears.

The congregation at New Hope Church in Oklahoma City is donating the stuffed animals to EMSA. Their pre-K students, along with other members of the church, have been collecting the toys for a month. During that time, they've prayed for each child that will receive one and they call their efforts 'Warm Fuzzies.'

"When I saw the little boy at Children's Hospital with his, he was clutching it. He was scared. He had swallowed a nickel I think and they had brought him in by ambulance. So it's a great thing to comfort a child with," said congregation member Nellyne Hanlan.

Medics say, they use the stuffed animals most when there's been a car wreck and kids have been injured.

"They are in an unfamiliar environment which is really common for a lot of kids. It scares them a lot. And it makes it easier for us to treat them," said EMSA medic Brandon Farnsworth

Medic Victoria Hewett said they also make a great diagnostic tool.

"It's really hard to tell with children because they really don't want to talk. Especially like little ones. Like little two year olds. And you're kind of like ‘Here, can you show me on here where you're hurting? I know that you just went through a lot,'" Hewitt said.

New Hope Church members donate the bears to EMSA twice a year.