By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Three years ago, Edna Pittman got a call that changed her life. Her son Demarion, only 3 years old at the time, was left in a hot daycare van. He survived, but suffered severe brain damage. 

Demarion has come a long way since the accident, thanks to intense therapy and a devoted family. Doctors said he would never walk, talk or eat solid foods.

"He still has the biggest prettiest smile ever and doctors told me I would probably never see him smile again," Edna Pittman said.

Pittman said she is thankful to have her little boy, but summers are hard, even getting in a hot car triggers painful memories. She wants to remind parents and caregivers to never leave children in a car even for just a few minutes.

"The daycare provider that day, the only thing she forgot to do was take a head count when they returned from a field trip," said Demarion's mother.

Demarion goes to weekly therapy and attends a special-needs daycare, but his family is left with never-ending medical bills.

The Pittman's worked with State Representative Mike Shelton to pass Demarion's Law, which requires Oklahoma daycares to carry liability insurance.

"It does make me feel good to know that if another child was injured that their family, there is something there that might help pay for medical bills," Pittman said.

And healing comes one step at a time.

"I run on faith, so I have faith that one day he will talk again. I have faith he will walk on his own. I have faith he will be able to do the things other little kids do," Pittman said.

The Pittmans did have a setback. They recently found out Demarion is legally blind, but like everything else she said, they'll work through it.

Edna started a non-profit in honor of her son; you can learn more about it at online at