Recipe from Kitty Glabis of Lithuania

6 Large Potatos

Grate the potatos and while doing that put a medium pot on the stove filled with water. You are going to make it come to a boil later. Now after the potatos are grated, spill off excess water in the dish. Now get a frying pan ready with chopped onions and the margarine, simmering on warm. Take a hand full of potatos in the palm of your hand and squeeze again and then roll into a ball.  Prepare tin foil or a cookie sheet with lots of flour on it.

Now after the ball is made, roll it into the flour till it is well covered. Then drop the ball in the boiling water. When they are done, they will float to the top. Remove and put them in the frying pan to simmer. THEN JUST EAT AND ENJOY.. a VERY delicious dish.