Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A stolen car chase ended in a crash Tuesday.

Brian Veach knew it wasn't good when he came outside Tuesday and his car was stolen. But he had no idea it was going to go from bad to so much worse.

After he realized it was stolen, he reported it to police and went to his insurance agency.

"As I was on my way back to the house, I noticed my car pulling out of the neighborhood up here on Admiral. I was like, that's my car," he said.

He took off after it, called police and gave them the play by play until they caught up with chase and took over. Three of the four teenagers bailed out and were arrested, but the driver kept going south on Highway 169 until he tried to get off at the 31st street exit.

"When the cops took off, 5 or 6 cop cars, then fire trucks went by and I was like, oh, no, there's been a wreck, somebody is hurt. I'm really thankful nobody did get hurt," Brian said.

The thief crashed into a jeep that was stopped in traffic. The impact knocked the jeep away, spun the thief around and the back end of Brian's car then slammed into the back of a cement truck.

Police say the car thief was the only one hurt badly enough to be taken to the hospital.

When officers took Brian to the scene, it wasn't pretty.

"Oh, I was devastated," he said. "It might not be much of a car, but it's paid for, it's mine, it gets great gas mileage. I drove to Claremore to work every day."

Brian only had liability insurance on the car, so he's going to sell it for scrap and use the $150 he'll get to pay the wrecker bill. Nevermind that he's the victim here, he's the one who's getting the raw deal.

"I'm out all kinds of money for them coming and stealing my car," he said.

Brian had just bought a new car to use for weekends and road trips and he's thankful they didn't steal it. He did go out and buy a club Tuesday so he can lock it onto his steering wheel, so hopefully nothing like this happens again.

He hopes a judge punishes the four juveniles and orders to pay him restitution, but isn't holding his breath.