OKLAHOMA CITY - A controversial confrontation was caught on camera.

A YouTube video of an Occupy protest Thursday in Oklahoma City shows a clash between a protestor and an Oklahoma State Trooper.

Occupy protestor Jay Fox says he and others were protesting at the opening of a new expressway when the trooper in that video slapped his phone out of his hand.

Fox says the troopers had been following him around, and tension mounted when he turned his cell phone camera on them.

"I felt like I was a sacrificial lamb inside of a cult, a body of people standing around waiting to sacrifice me," Fox said.

Fox says the phone was scuffed up, and the trooper wouldn't give him his name.

Some are calling it assault while others say, "Not so fast."

Some who saw the video did not have much sympathy for Fox.

"You can just obviously see those people are trying to push the buttons of the troopers," said Oklahoma attorney Irven Box.

Box served as an Oklahoma City police lieutenant during the Vietnam War protests.

"I've been there, done that," Box said.

News On 6 showed the video to Box to get his legal opinion on whether the trooper did anything wrong.

"As the trooper said, 'you're in my space.' I really think if a district attorney looks at it or his supervisor [looks at it, they would think] that [the protester] was in the [trooper's] space," Box said.

As for OHP, the state's policing agency would not say much about the incident as of late Friday.

"We are aware of the video that's out there on YouTube right now, and we are looking into it," OHP spokeswoman Trooper Betsy Randolph said.

OHP would not give any further statement or comment on the incident than what was previously quoted.

Fox says he is considering filing a complaint against the trooper. It wasn't his first run-in with the law. He was arrested on Black Friday during a protest at the Del City WalMart.

"I'm not one to stand for authoritarian figures," Fox said.

Fox says two troopers touched him unlawfully on Thursday. So, Fox says, he attempted a citizens' arrest against a different trooper than the one seen on video smacking the cell phone from Fox's hand.

"I told Officer Phillipi to get on the ground and put her hands behind her back, and she wouldn't do it," Fox said. "I told her, clearly, 'You buy into corporate fascism,'" laughed Fox.