By Anne L. Fritz
From The Style Glossy

When you're ready to experiment with a new look, you don't need a day at the salon and a team of stylists to achieve it.

Learn how to shake up your makeup and hairstyle quickly and easily with these tips. You'll feel like a brand-new you in mere minutes!

Try a different color.

One of the simplest ways to give yourself a makeover is to change up your lipstick color.

Always wear the same pink? Switch it out for a bold red or a coral. Or, if you always wear a bold color, swap it out for a soft pink gloss or a nude lipstick. The impact is immediate.

Play up your eyes.

A little black eyeliner goes a long way when it comes to amping up your look. Line your top and bottom lids with it; not only will your eye color pop, but your lashes will look fuller and more intense too.

For nighttime, finish with a sweep of bronze or purple eye shadow for a dramatic new vibe.

Add a little shimmer.

When you're bored with your regular makeup routine, dust a little sparkle onto your cheekbones.

A highlighter or blush with a hint of shimmer reflects the light, making your skin look glowy and dewy in just minutes. Brush it onto the top of your cheekbones (not the apples) and your temples for an instant lift.

Try a different style.

When you want a new hairstyle but don't have time to hit the salon, try a trendy style, like a fishtail braid or a rolled updo.

The best part? If you don't like the results, it's not permanent.

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