TULSA, Oklahoma - The victims of those taken by violent crimes were remembered Tuesday night.

The Tulsa County District Attorney's Office honored those by holding a flower planting ceremony at LaFortune Park.

Joyce Newby's daughter was murdered 12 years ago, and even now it's still hard to talk about her senseless death.

"The Lord has given me a peace," Newby said. "I have a peace. I've always had a peace since that night, but it'll never take away the missing and longing for her."

Dozens planted flowers at the LaFortune Community Center. Each one represents a life taken way too soon.

Linda Perkins's daughter, son-in-law and grandson were killed on Christmas Eve of 2009 by a man who was driving under the influence.

It's turned the lives of the Perkins family upside down, especially for her granddaughter.

"She will grow up with no parents, no brother and our lives have just been totally changed by all of this," Perkin said.

Sandra Wilson is also here to honor her loved one. Her son was shot and killed in 2008.

"I don't have no appetite," Wilson said. "I can't eat. I got to go to the cemetery."

She says it helps coming to events like this one.

"They understand what you're going through," Wilson said. "Some say you need to move on, but it's hard to do because I have to go visit my child at the cemetery. All I have are pictures and memories."

All of the flowers were donated from Ted and Debbie's Flower and Garden shop on Harvard. Their son's life was also taken by a violent crime.