TULSA, Oklahoma - An emergency protective order was filed against a Tulsa police captain accused of sexual misconduct with a minor.

The new allegations come just weeks after he was suspended for sex acts on the job that happened three years ago.

News on 6 spoke with the officer and his attorney.

Captain Shawn King says he is not ready to get into the details of the allegations made against him. But his attorney says they're false. He says it's all part of a plan by an angry ex-girlfriend to ruin King's name.

An Osage County judge granted an emergency protective order against Captain Shawn King on behalf of Keena Roberts and her minor children. The order was filed late Friday.

"What's happened today is evidence of Ms. Robert's ongoing and continuous vendetta against Capt. King since their break up," wrote King's attorney Scott Wood.

Wood says King and Roberts ended their relationship sometime in the past six months. And says that ever since, Roberts has gone to great lengths to "attack" his client.

Wood says the protective order is another example of that. But the accusations in that order are serious.

Roberts' attorney alleges that King molested one of Roberts' underage children. In the protective order, the attorney confirms that King is accused of groping, kissing and forcibly raping the child with his fingers.

Roberts' attorney alleges the incidents happened many times over a period of several years. The allegations surfaced after the child spent time in therapy.

King's attorney calls the allegations false and outrageous.

"Another example of how desperate Ms. Robert's is to wreck havoc on Captain King's life," Wood said in a statement.

A hearing for a permanent protective order is set for May 22, 2012, in Osage County. But King's attorney is hoping to get a quicker hearing.

He says depending on the outcome, his client make take legal action against Roberts. As of now, Captain King is still reporting to work as a shift supervisor in the Gilcrease Hills Division.

Earlier this month, King was suspended a week without pay after TPD Chief Chuck Jordan says King engaged in sexual activity in his patrol car. That incident happened in 2009.

An interoffice memo from Chief Jordan's classifies the activity as "Conduct Unbecoming of an Officer."

"No allegation was made to the police department regarding any criminal activity, including activity involving children," Scott Wood said.

The issue came to light in an article published on Thursday by Tulsa-based This Land Press

The publication reported "hundreds of explicit photographs and videos obtained by This Land Press depict King engaging in various acts of extreme sexual behavior, at times while in uniform both on- and off-duty."