ST. LOUIS - The tent that collapsed in St. Louis Saturday, killing one, was supposed to be able to withstand 90 mph winds.

The gusts were only about 70 mph and yet they shattered the aluminum poles and sent the tent flying through the air.

One person died and about half of the 200 people who gathered to celebrate the St. Louis Cardinals' win had to be treated at the scene for injuries.

The city's building commissioner said the tent had passed an inspection.

Another storm blew through St. Louis a few hours later.

Winds uprooted trees and heavy hail smashed through windows.

Insurance adjusters say there's so much damage,it could take a week to get to all the calls.

Some Oklahomans got caught up in that hail storm.

Ron Anderson sent pictures of the storm to News On 6.

Anderson and his grandsons were part of group of Oklahomans in St. Louis for a soccer tournament.

Anderson said out of the group, there were about ten cars that were badly damaged.

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