TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police hope to find a man who robbed a Panera Bread and fired a gun into a car while leaving.

It happened Sunday morning at the Tulsa Hills Shopping Center just shortly after the store opened.

Nathan Boyd works in the area and says the normally busy shopping hub was quiet.

No, it's actually pretty dead around here that time of the morning," Tulsa Hills employee Nathan Boyd said.

Police say a man wearing a black hoodie walked into the restaurant. The suspect told employees he had a gun and he took off with a bag of money.

But the getaway went wrong for the robber.

"His bag broke," Tulsa office Leland Ashley said. "So bills and coins and things like that were blowing through the parking lot. So it probably wasn't a big haul that they got away with."

But as the man ran out into the parking lot, he spotted a red SUV and opened fire.

"Whether they thought they were watching him or not, to pull a weapon out and to just shoot indiscriminately at someone was really brazen," Ashley said.

"It could have ricocheted into any one of these buildings," Boyd said.

Police say the suspect jumped into a waiting car, a Red Cobra Mustang.

Police are hoping someone will notice the car and that someone will talk so they can catch the criminal.

"I hope they get them," Boyd said. "They need to."

Police say the bullets struck the windshield of the SUV but luckily the two people inside were not hurt. They didn't want to talk with us on camera.

Police are hoping surveillance video from the shopping center will help. If you know anything, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.