CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - A body found in an SUV on a Creek County road earlier this week has been identified, the OSBI said Thursday.

Leticia Melendez Reyes, 26, lived in Tulsa with her two young boys, the agency said.

Reyes was found Tuesday afternoon on Frankoma Road just north of 81st Street South. Reyes' two young sons were found alive in the SUV with the dead body next to them.

OSBI has not named any suspects in the case, but News On 6 found that Reyes filed a protective order just days before she turned up dead.

The body of Reyes was discovered inside a red Ford Explorer Tuesday afternoon.

A passerby noticed Reyes' vehicle sitting on the side of Frankoma Road and called the Creek County Sheriff's Office.

When deputies arrived, they discovered Reyes and her two young sons, who were alive next to their mother's body.

When our crew first arrived on the scene, it appeared Reyes' body was in the back seat of the SUV, though that has not been confirmed by the OSBI.

The death is being treated as a homicide, but as of now, no suspects have named in the case.

On May 2, Reyes filed a protective order in Tulsa County on behalf of herself and her two sons, against a man she listed as her ex-boyfriend.

According to that petition the ex-boyfriend threatened and harassed Reyes.

"He came home upset and started yelling at me that if I ever left he would kill me," she wrote.

"He was yelling and squeezing my neck so hard that I was starting to pass out," she added.

Reyes reported that over the past month her ex-boyfriend had become more violent.

"My children are always there watching as he hurts me," she wrote to the court.

Her sons, a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old, are now in DHS custody.

The OSBI says Reyes' parents are traveling from Mexico to be with their grandchildren and to begin working with child welfare services.

As for the cause of Reyes' death, it could be weeks before those results are released.