By Carol Bryant

When it's raining cats and dogs outside, plenty of indoor fun can be found with a dog craft day. Since these projects require a cooperative dog, try a play session or long walk prior to starting.

Dog and Family Footprints

Using nontoxic paints or a mixture of cornstarch, flour and water, preserve long walks forever.

Ensure fur is trimmed near the dog's paw pad(s). Gently apply the color to the paw pad and allow the dog to walk over a piece of art paper. Repeat with a human footprint.

For extra fun, create a beach scene with gold glitter and scrapbook-type accessories. With stencils or craft letters, this can be labeled "Family Prints in the Sand," then matted and framed for display or gift-giving.

"Hair-loom" Treasure

Using some of Lassie's lovely locks, a keepsake bauble can become a treasured gift year-round.

After the next grooming session, save a piece of dog hair a few inches in length. For shorter-haired breeds, save enough hair from brushing to twist into a small lock. Twist hair and tie the ends with a small piece of ribbon. Using a clear glass ornament, remove the hanger piece, insert the hair and decorate the outside.

For extra fun, use fake snow in a can and spray it onto a stencil of the dog's name. This is a great gift for the veterinarian or your doggie day care provider.

The Nose Knows

Using the dog's favorite treat, prepare a sit/stay. (You may need to enlist the help of a friend for this one.)

Wipe the dog's nose gently with an eco-friendly paper towel. Dab a cotton ball with food coloring and lightly place coloring on the dog's nose. Hold an art pad of paper against the nose and allow the pad to curve around both sides for the best outcome.

Never use paint, ink or any harmful substance on this sensitive area. Nose marks take on a whole new dimension when matted and framed.

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