By Jessica Bush
From The Daily Cat 


Is it possible to take great photos of your cat -- without the help of a professional photographer?

After all, cats move quickly and often turn their heads or become uncooperative at the wrong moment. Some cats are simply afraid of the camera, other are read for a road trip to find the best photo sites.

A certain cartoon cat, Garfield, also says, "I'll rise, but I won't shine."

With time and patience, however, even the most camera-shy cat will eventually be ready for a close-up.

To best prepare for your photo shoot with your cat, begin by focusing on its comfort. This is easily accomplished by spending some cuddle time in a quiet space.

Hold your camera in your hand nearby so your cat can investigate. Once trust is established with the camera, try a few test shots while you're both relaxed.

Consider the hungry cat, just before mealtime, in a lovely surrounding. Why? A hungry cat is often attentive and persuaded.

This provides a perfect opportunity to lure your feline into that pile of rose petals or a basket of catnip you so cleverly arranged.

Can't get your cat's attention? Try finding a cute or funny moment during nap time.

If you have a digital camera, quantity is on your side. Take as many photos as you can and learn from them as you go.

You just might surprise yourself by capturing a candid moment that could become the new family favorite.


Jessica Bush is a pet blogger and pet enthusiast located in Birmingham, Ala.

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