Recipe from Janet McLaurin of Miss.

1 can of cream of chicken soup
1 can of cream of mushroom soup
1 can of early June peas
1 can of whole kernel corn
4 to 6 chicken leg quarters
1.5 cup of long grain rice

Boil chicken until meat easily slides off bones. Remove from broth and debone. Boil rice in chicken broth. Drain but DO NOT rinse rice. Mix together cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, whole kernel corn, early june peas, rice and deboned/shredded chicken. After thoroughly mixing, pour into large casserole dish.

If you know how to make breaded crust, do so, instead of the biscuits. If you are like me and can only use canned biscuits, then have at it! Season chicken to taste before layering with biscuits and then place in oven  and bake at 350 degrees until crust is golden brown.

*This should, if you do it right, taste like a deep dish chicken pot pie. VERY inexpensive and lasts
for quite awhile in the freezer for all of you single folks! Enjoy!