By Rebecca Kinnear

What are you really getting when you sign up for a honeymoon registry? Before you dive in, here are a few things you should know.

Pick an independent or hotel honeymoon registry.

There are two kinds of registries — ones through independent agencies like Traveler’s Joy and Honeymoon Wishes and those directly through resort brands like Marriott and Starwood. Both follow similar structures, allowing guests to purchase gifts from your personalized honeymoon wish list.

The agencies offer a broad selection of items, like airfare and excursions, while resort brands are usually limited to on-property selections such as meals and spa treatments.

If you already know where you’re staying, ask if that resort offers a registry. Or check with the destination — Aruba offers a registry through, with mostly activity-based options like Jeep tours and diving.

Know the fees.

And now the bad news: Registries aren’t free. Before you commit to one, read the fine print.

Some, like Distinctive Honeymoons, charge an upfront setup fee, while most impose a percentage per transaction, plus credit-card fees. (The total cost ranges from about 7 to 10 percent of the gift’s price.)

Honeyfund’s basic service is free (with the option to upgrade) but can accept credit cards only through PayPal, which charges about 3 percent per transaction.

Do your homework to find a registry with competitive transaction rates and that you feel comfortable using.

Register for extras.

Since you may have already booked your flight and hotel by the time guests send gifts, it might be too late for them to contribute to these big-ticket items.

So add smaller perks you might not necessarily splurge on, like a couples massage, romantic dinner or sunset cruise, which will make your honeymoon that much more memorable.

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