EDMOND, Oklahoma - A 13-year-old Edmond boy is turning heads because of the strength of his right arm. 

J.D. Head is a quarterback prospect former OU Assistant Coach Joe Dickinson calls "elite." Dickinson says only one percent of the quarterbacks in America ever get division one football scholarships.  

Dickinson has worked with many over his 30-year career. He says J.D. Head right now is probably the top 6th grade prospect in America.

"He's not scared of anything. He's not old enough to know to be scared," he said. 

Dickinson conducted a workout with J.D. Wednesday night at Shawnee High School. Shawnee quarterbacks John Jacobs and Jack Diamond worked out with J.D. 

"Sky's the limit with this kid beyond a shadow of a doubt," said Dickinson, who added that Jacobs and Diamond are both division one-caliber quarterbacks as well.  

Last month, J.D. led a team of 6th graders from Oklahoma who played teams from all over the country in a national tournament. They only lost one game, to a team from Northern Texas.

In a few weeks J.D. will participate in a USA football camp for 15-year-olds in Arlington, Texas.  Don't mind that J.D. will be the only 13-year-old QB in the mix. He's not too worried about it either.

"I'm gonna try my best," he said. 

Go J.D.!