OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - Allergies, sore throats and strep are what's going around in Okmulgee.

Nurse Practitioner Kim Hicks Jenkins, said it's to be expected now that school is back in session.

In the ER, Muscogee Creek Nation Department of Health doctors said they are seeing a bug that includes nausea and vomiting.

With any of the illnesses, if you develop a fever of 101 or more and it lasts longer than a week, or you get a rash, joint pain or swelling in the neck, go see your doctor.

Dr. Kathryn Zackery at the Sapulpa Indian Health Center said she's only seeing an increase in spider bites.

If you have been bitten, be sure to watch out for tenderness and redness of the area which worsens quickly, this could mean an infection.

Concerning signs of a bite include fever, drainage at the bite, increasing inflammation, red streaks extending from the bite, and shortness of breath.

As always, be careful when cleaning or lifting objects that have been in storage, spiders like to hide under and behind things.

It's still a good idea to spray at least quarterly for insects, spiders, and snakes and if a bite looks questionable call your doctor.