TULSA, Oklahoma - Each of us on 6 In The Morning are getting a chance to try out a different job for a day. Today, I went behind the counter at Panera Bread to be a baker for the day. 

This is the perfect place for me. I love bread. I love sweets. But I'm not supposed to sample right?

As a baker what are some of the thing you really have to be aware of? "You have to be very good with time management. You always have to think ahead. What's going into the proofer, for the 90 percent humidity, 90 percent temperature. So, you know, think about what's proofing and bread is a living organism. So, everything proofs at different times," said Manager Rebekah Howell.

What are you going to be looking for when you hire a new baker? Personality?

"Well, bakers work alone at night. I need somebody who is willing to work hard, Somebody that has great time management skills. That has an eye for detail. I've always enjoyed doing this. I called it my therapy," said Rebekah Howell. 

Richard is a day baker at Panera Bread and he showed me how to make their cinnamon crunch bagels.  It was a lot of work, but I believe I've found my area of expertise, taste tester at Panera Bread.  

I would like to thank the folks at Panera Bread for letting me disrupt their work for a day.