OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics announced that it is receiving $217,000 in federal funding in its fight against methamphetamine use. Spokesperson Mark Woodward said the grant is critically needed in a state that has been among the top five in meth lab seizures and meth addiction for the last two decades.

"Meth abuse, addiction, manufacturing and trafficking leaves a wake of destruction for users, families and communities," Woodward said.

The COPS grant will be used to host two courses addressing children who are endangered by living in meth homes, a certification course in clandestine meth labs and training in using the state's pseudoephedrine tracking system.

Woodward said that although the tracking system targeting people purchasing pseudoephedrine from pharmacies to use in meth manufacture has lowered meth lab seizures, it's no time to celebrate.

"Addiction and meth-related deaths continue to climb as Mexican drug trafficking organizations are flooding the U.S. market with imported crystal meth or 'ice,'" he said.

The grant also will be spent on a drug highway interdiction course to spot cartels using the Oklahoma interstate system.