JENKS, Oklahoma - Thousands of people are going to see Garth Brooks when he returns to Tulsa and performs at the BOK Center in a few months.

While thousands have been sold, there are still a lot of questions about tickets, and possibly an investigation into those who bought too many.

Ticketmaster is delaying ticket delivery, and while that may be frustrating to many who can't get their tickets, one Jenks family is frustrated because they have too many tickets.

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The Felber family got tickets to see Brooks in January, and the whole family can't wait.

"The whole family's a big fan. We always have been," Neil Felber said.

Neil's daughter, Jenny, logged on Friday morning - just like thousands of other Oklahomans - trying to score six tickets.

The Felber family was able to get their six but also walked away with a few extra tickets, six extra to be exact, and now Ticketmaster is threatening to investigate them for fraud.

"I just can't believe Ticketmaster and BOK would do business like that," Neil said.

Jenny first tried to get tickets for the January 10th concert but was kicked off when she got to the credit card page.

"And it said, 'ERROR'. And it bumped her off, so she thought, well, she'd go for the 10th, couldn't get on, so she went back to the 9th."

Jenny said the same thing happened for the January 9th concert.

The Felber family gave up by noon, thinking they weren't able to get the coveted tickets; but later that day the family got a surprise.

"Jenny called, she said, 'Dad, we got six tickets,' I said, 'well, that's great.' Then a few minutes she called back, said, 'Dad, we got six more tickets,' and I said, 'no you can't, you can only have eight,'" Neil said.

The family's 12 tickets total $840 dollars.

Jenny called Ticketmaster Monday to try to sell half the tickets back, but she was told Ticketmaster was investigating her for buying more than the maximum eight tickets per person.

"They said, ‘well, no, you bought 'em, and right now we've got your account locked, and we might just void all your tickets,'" Neil said.

Ticketmaster said it is not conducting any investigations, and said all fans will be able to access tickets after Saturday.

The Felber family is glad it sounds like the situation is getting worked out.

The BOK Center said Ticketmaster is handling all the tickets.

The arena won't say if any of the shows are sold out, but will say there are still a small number of tickets available.