TULSA, Oklahoma - Union's senior quarterback Mason Farquhar has been thriving under the spotlight, and has been using his platform to make a difference. As he guides Union's offense down field, he takes pride in making the right decision.

“Matthew 5:48 says, ‘Be perfect just like your father is,' I actually have it on my cleats. It says Matthew 5:48 on the back. I see the consistency in that, being perfect [and making] no mistakes. And, I think it's a really big thing,” says Farquhar.

Farquhar's leadership is a key reason why Union is only two wins away from another state title, and it doesn't stop when he leaves the field. On Wednesday nights, Farquhar speaks to a church youth group in Broken Arrow. "David knew that he already won. David knew that he already won, because God is undefeated,” stated Farquhar. "About 8th grade [is when] it kind of hit me that I [needed] to be a spiritual leader, as well as a leader on and off the field."

As the quarterback of one of Oklahoma's most prestigious teams, he's well aware of the number of people he can reach. “I'm happy God gave me that platform. I realize it's not really my platform, and I need to make it a platform for him and be a representative of this school as well,” said Farquhar.

Coach Kirk Fridrich spoke on his star player saying, “Everything he does, he's the real guy, and he puts everything that he can into what he believes in. His faith is very strong, and I think that carries over obviously into Friday nights, but also throughout the week." He also said, "He has the ability to step into a huddle and everyone believes they're going to win."

With a state championship in sight, Farquhar keeps his eyes on a much bigger prize. "Be strong and courageous, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Be strong and courageous. Our God is undefeated, and he is with us wherever we go. That is awesome," he said.

Farquhar says he's not sure where he wants to go to college, but he is considering ministry.

Union is set to take on Mustang Saturday afternoon in the state semifinals.