TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman went missing in 2002, and to this day, her family doesn't know what happened.

They feel sure she's dead and want her brought back for a proper burial and for someone to be held accountable.

But they fear time is running out.

News On 6 has been covering Tricia Fipps's case since she disappeared. She had adopted siblings, a newborn baby and a toddler about a year before her disappearance and loved being a mom.

Fipps called her family from work and said her ex was going to pick her up so they could talk, then they would get the kids from the sitter and she would be home.

She never showed. That was 12 years and one day ago.

"It's bad enough someone gets killed in a violent crime, but not to have your child is the hardest part, not knowing where she is," Tricia's mother Sheila Owen said.

Owen remembers every moment of the day Fipps disappeared.

She thought something was wrong when Fipps didn't answer her phone. Then she said she knew it when the babysitter called and said Fipps didn't pick up the kids.

Tricia's ex told police he dropped her off at her house, but no one ever saw her that day or ever again.

Her family believes she's dead and believes the death penalty is too good for the killer.

"I want him to sit there and think about why he's there every day,” Owen said. “Her only crime was being in love with that man."

Owen is frustrated the case is stuck. One witness already has died and another is sick. She worries there will be no witnesses left by the time the case is strong enough to prosecute.

All the while, the family doesn't even have a grave to visit.

“If someone knows where her body is, I wish they'd anonymously tell somebody so the family could have her back,” Owen said. “I really need that."

Owen hosts a vigil of love each year for other families of murdered and missing people. It takes place on Saturday from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. near 11th and Garnett at the Oakbrook Village Condominiums Clubhouse.. It gives families a chance to share memories and offer support.

If you have information about this or any other cold case, call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.