We're in store for absolutely gorgeous weather today across the southern plains and the Great State of Oklahoma.   Temperatures will start in the 20s and 30s this morning and move into the upper 40s and lower 50s today across northeastern OK and slightly warmer across southeastern sections.  Wind speeds will be relatively light compared to yesterday, but the wind will change direction later today out of the southwest at 10 mph.   Thanksgiving Day and beyond appears very nice with no major travel issues across the local region.   Air travel into the Mid- Atlantic and northeast U.S. coastal regions may be greatly impacted by rain and snow resulting in travel delays and cancellations.   If you are traveling by air, you are greatly encouraged to remain aware of the weather, and make contact with your airline.    Air Travel delays may also be experienced across the rest of the nation due to the impact on the east coast Wednesday into Thursday morning. 

The upper air flow remains from the northwest to the southeast.  Another fast moving clipper will move out of the Prairie Provinces of Canada and into the upper plains state soon.   This system will rapidly move southeast into Missouri by late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  The current trajectory of the system will keep the impactful portion away from the state, but a few clouds will brush northeastern OK later tonight into early Wednesday morning.  I wouldn't be shocked to see a few flurries across far NE OK and SE Kansas for an hour early tomorrow.  I've posted many times the “surprise nature" of the Northwest flow but it appears this system should remain away from the majority of the area.  

The temps Wednesday and Thursday will start in the 20s and 30s and finish in the lower to mid-50s along with sunshine and mild breezes.  The computer numbers have come in slightly cooler for Thursday afternoon highs, but we're sticking with some 50s for this forecast cycle.

The upper air flow begins to change by Friday into the weekend and will represent a major pattern change by early next week.  This will allow a strong system to eject from the southwestern U.S. Tuesday and Wednesday with rain and thunderstorm chances.   Before this occurs, southwest winds Friday will allow daytime highs into the mid or upper 60s with Saturday readings near 70.   The fire danger may also be increasing Friday into Saturday due to the southwest winds and dry vegetation.   A cold  front should be able to move southward sometime Sunday morning to midday bringing a minor cool down Sunday night into Monday before the front moves back over the region as a warm front Monday into Tuesday. 

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Alan Crone