Tulsa police said they arrived about 1 a.m. while a robbery was still in progress at a home near 21st Street and 129th East Avenue.

TPD said four people were involved -- two were arrested, a man and a woman, two people are outstanding and a fifth person was questioned and is considered a witness at this time, they said.

The alleged robbers arrived to the home "with the ruse that one of the females was going to meet one of the victims," an arrest report says. "The female went inside the location and then contacted the other suspects by phone" and let them inside. The male suspects were wearing wigs as a disguise and one was wearing a bandana, according to police.

The report says the group implied they had a weapon and demanded money and electronics, then threatened to kill a family member of one of the victims if demands weren't met.

One of the men who participated in the robbery was arrested was Durayco Fox, an ex-convict who has served time for manslaughter, police said. Fox was found by police as he was walking down 121st East Avenue a short time after the robbery. He was identified by the victims as one of the suspects, police said.

TPD also arrested Kimberly Patrick, who they said drove the others to the home and was aware a robbery had been planned. An arrest report says Patrick was inside the home when police arrived.

Fox and Patrick both were arrested for robbery with a dangerous weapon and are in the Tulsa County jail.

Aside from Fox's manslaughter conviction, he also has a felony drug conviction. In addition, he has two felony cases, one for drugs and the other for burglary, pending in Tulsa County.

Patrick has multiple misdemeanor and felony cases pending for various alleged offenses, including drugs, theft and concealing stolen property.