TULSA, Oklahoma - A turkey was the center of most meals Thursday but for many families, preparing it usually isn't a big part of the festivities. But in one Tulsa neighborhood, a line of turkey fryers has turned the cooking into a big operation that's become a gathering all its own. 

In a scene the pilgrims could not have imagined, two families - their friends and neighbors, gather together to fry turkeys all day long.

It's called the "BevFried Turkey Fry" after the two families - the Bevilacqua's and Siegfried's - who started it. 

This year they're frying 44 turkeys. They started at 7 a.m. and turn out another batch of birds every 45 minutes or so. 

"Every year, it's the highlight of the holiday season," said Ken Black. 

The event started small word spread and now cars line the streets. People are constantly coming in with more birds. 

The size created a need for organized timing and schedules for each family and their turkey. It starts with an emailed invitation. 

"We know it's coming out, the email, we immediately respond because this is critical, we have to have a fried turkey for Thanksgiving. We're very grateful," said Richard Spears. 

One of the founders says there's a rush of replies soon after the email goes out on Halloween at midnight. 

"Right then and it's, all the slots are full within 36 hours," said Tray Siegfried. 

To encourage the fun and discourage anything that could disrupt the frying - they publicly shame anyone who leaves some innards in the bird. The names go up on a Wall of Shame - though some people try to get on it. 

"And then one had a gold fish inside," said Paul Bevilacqua. 

The families make sure everything is done safely so nothing can take away from the spirit on Thanksgiving. 

Since the first Thanksgiving turkey fry, this event continues to grow, creating a new tradition for this neighborhood and these families.