TULSA, Oklahoma - During this holiday weekend, super shoppers don't just show up at the stores, they methodically plan their attack before heading out. 

I met up with a group of ladies with a tradition that takes them to study hall. Yes, study hall. There are no written tests here, but these ladies will have their shopping skills tested as they battle the crowds to get the best holiday deals.

"Well, that's what we do, we eat dinner, then we all get our ads out and our philosophy is divide and conquer," said Nancy Holland. 

Nancy Holland is the Mastermind behind all this madness. She's been mapping out Black Friday shopping sprees for 40 years, she says.

"To me the thrill is in the hunt, that's why I do it," said Nancy Holland. 

It's also a holiday tradition for Nancy's family and friends. And just like fixing a Thanksgiving feast. This involves a lot of planning and teamwork and everyone at this table has a role.

"Some people are crazy, we're the normal ones out there. There's some crazy people out there," said Julie Beach. 

Nancy's daughter, Julie Beach is the Driver. 

"I assign destinations for my runners," said Julie Beach. 

Julie's sister, Susan is the Runner.  Susan Holland's not after any door busters deals herself, so she's shopping for everyone else. 

"I am told what to go get, so my job is to run over there and get it before anyone else does," said Susan Holland. 

Once she gets what's on the list, Cart Girl Amy Honey steps in. 

"I am in charge of getting a shopping cart and making sure that we have something to put everything in," said Amy Honey. 

And we can't forget Terri Webber, the Line Holder. 

"I just let them pass up and pass up until she's ready and then we're right there in front and we get in and get out and go to the next store," said Terri Webber. 

As the stores open earlier and earlier each year, this family adjusts to make sure they get both a good meal and good deals. But they all agree, it was better when the stores stayed closed on Thanksgiving.

"I don't like that they're doing it on Thursday because half the fun was getting up and staying up all night in the middle of the night," said Nancy Holland.

"It was little bit more exciting because only the diehard shoppers were there," said Julie Beach.

But even though the shopping days have changed, the chaos is still the same and it's fun.

"This is one day we definitely always look forward to," said Susan Holland. 

A day spent together that this team is thankful for. "And I love it, so I will probably continue to do it until I can't do it anymore," said Nancy Holland.

These ladies are truly going to shop until they drop.  They will be out in the stores all night long. Some will come back, take a quick nap, then head back out for more shopping on Black Friday.