TULSA, Oklahoma - Kevin Durant's mother, Wanda Pratt, needs no introduction since he talked about her during his MVP speech earlier this year. Since then, her encouragement to single mothers has spread across the state. Her goal is to motivate them, and keep their spirits high during the holiday season.

Pratt began her holiday week in Tulsa. She spoke at an event in Jenks for Arise Ministries, which is a national ministry for single mothers.

"Most of us did not intend to be a single parent. It was just the life that we lived. It just happened that way, and I did everything I could do for my children," said Pratt.

Pratt speaks to single mothers about getting through the holiday season. She also continuously encourages them to keep God and family close to home.

"Of course, like most mothers, I toiled around trying to find the gifts they would like. But, the most enjoyable part is that we were together,” stated Pratt. "They don't need everything that they want. All they really want is you."

She also talked about how she and her children would drive around looking at lights, and how they would buy blankets for the homeless. She stated that love and care were number one.

As a mother she looks back upon her son's memorable MVP speech. 

"It was heartfelt, what my son said to me. I appreciate the things that we had gone through," she said. "I accept that on behalf of all single mothers, because we all do the best that we can. I stand as the real MVP, [and] I share that with all single mothers."

In Durant's speech he broke down talking about his mother saying, "You went to sleep early; you sacrificed for us; you're the real MVP.”