BIXBY, Oklahoma - Bixby challenges its opponents to try and stop their running back Nic Roller.

Loren Montgomery, Bixby's head coach, said, "If he's averaging six yards in the first half, second half, [then] it's eight to ten yards.”

Bixby quarterback Tanner Griffin stated, "Nic's gotten better every game. Of course everybody has, but Nic's such a great asset for me."

"[It] means a lot, because the [offensive] line is blocking good, [and] the receivers are blocking good. I got a lot faster, but a lot of it comes from them. It feels good to explode on the scene I guess," said Roller.

Well, Roller has done his part. He has over 30 touchdowns this season. In turn, it's opened up the passing game. Griffin's numbers are in the air. He has just under 3,000 yards passing.

Roller said, "If they want to put eight in the box, we have plenty of good playmakers on the outside. Tanner's just got to throw it out there."

Griffin has progressed throughout the season, and having Roller in the backfield helps, but Montgomery said that even at a young age he knew Griffin would be something special.

"Five years ago, when I got here, I kept hearing about a young quarterback that was in 5th or 6th grade. I've watched his progression, and he's always been a kid that's wise beyond his years. We've just asked Tanner to manage the game. As the season's gone on, he's made more and more difficult throws," said Montgomery.

Griffin said, "At first it was all new. It was all moving really fast. As the year went on it kind of slowed down, and it's all pretty easy for me now."

The Spartans are on an 11 game win streak. As they prepare to face Lawton, this unassuming and quiet sophomore, and avid fisher, will be looked upon to lead the Spartans to their first state championship in school history.