CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Shots were fired on the Claremore campus of Rogers State University just before 6:30 Friday night.

Sources say a woman was studying in a music hall when she spotted her ex-boyfriend outside.

Reports say the man shot through the window at the woman, but she was able to run to safety and call authorities.

When officials arrived on campus, they said they found the apparent shooter had shot and killed himself.

Rogers State sent an initial alert to students saying, “Incident reported near Prep. Shelter in place until all clear given.”

Officers cleared classrooms to make sure there were no other shooters, but believe it was an isolated incident.

Rogers State University posted on their Facebook, saying:

"Police: shots were reported on campus earlier tonight. One fatality. Appears to be isolated incident at this time. Campus is secured. All people on Claremore campus asked to remain sheltered in place until further notice until police finish sweep of campus."

Around 9:15 Friday night, RSU again posted on their Facebook page, "Shelter in place has been lifted. Avoid areas around Prep Hall. Police are continuing to investigate."

We've also learned the suspect gunman was arrested Thursday for entering the home of his ex-girlfriend.

According to the arrest report, the woman woke around 5:00 Thursday morning to the man standing above her and tapping on her head in her bedroom.

She told the man he needed to leave, but he refused, saying he wouldn't leave until she spoke with him, the report says.

Records show the woman called police and the man asked her to “call off the cops,” and that he would “kill himself” if it came down to it.

The report shows the man was arrested for entering a dwelling without intent.

Police are still investigating and no names have been released at this time, but RSU President, Larry Rice said that the shooter was not a student at RSU.

In a news release, the university said the RSU counselor was on the scene working with several students and encouraged anyone else in need to contact the Grand Lake Mental Health Center Crisis Line at 1-800-722-3611 or email Andrea Schroyer at