BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The snowman still hangs on the door at Carpet Renovations in Broken Arrow, but the Frosty outside is gone.

Paul Dixon from Carpet Renovations stated, "Frosty is gone, and the presents too."

Dixon used to have a light up snowman, as well as decorative presents outside of his business, until two people pulled up in a minivan around 11:00 p.m. Monday night.

Dixon said that the people unplugged the snowman, and then loaded it into his van. Surveillance cameras outside the office on 91st and Aspen caught the man pulling up, scoping out his surroundings, unplugging the snowman, loading it in the van, and then going back for the presents. Meanwhile, someone watched from the car.

Keith Schultz installed the surveillance system that caught the thieves on camera. He said, every holiday season there are scrooges who steal Christmas decorations. "[It] doesn't surprise me at all. [It] happens all the time," said Schultz.

"What would make them want to stop and steal something like a snowman decoration, [and] some presents? There's not any resale value to them or anything," said Dixon.

Dixon spent about 120 dollars on the Christmas decorations, but it is not about the money. "Gosh, it is the holidays, and it's just not a good thing for somebody to be stealing this time of year," stated Dixon.

The business owner is very happy he has a surveillance system, but wishes he had somehow labeled the decorations. He said that he will not be replacing Frosty this season.

If the people in the video or the van look familiar to you, call the Broken Arrow Police Department.