Police told
, 28-year-old Robert Long was found on top of a freight train Thursday evening.

Police said a conductor on a Union Pacific train spotted Long riding on the train and called police. The train was stopped near a railroad crossing in Durant and police officers found Long on top of a railroad car.

"Some Durant officers actually went out there and observed the subject climb on top of the train car, and hide on top of the train car," said Durant Police Captain, Andy Navid. "We asked him to get down and he got down and at that point, we got him down. He was dressed in several layers of clothes, and we started to search him and check him. We noticed he had some jail uniform stuff on."

The train was headed south from McAlester.

Long was reported missing Tuesday evening from the Jackie Brannon Correctional Center in McAlester.

Last week, Long was charged with first-degree murder in connection with a March 2014 shooting death in Lawton.

Long was in prison serving a 10 year sentence on drug and weapons convictions.