The Oklahoma Transportation Commission voted Monday to approve the installation of 47 more cameras across town.

They'll be placed all over the the city, mainly at high-traffic areas and interchanges. 

Here are the locations:

Highway 412 at 49th, 33rd, 25th, 244 and Union

I-244 & 75

Highway 75 & Denver

Broken Arrow Expressway & Lewis, 21st, Harvard and Yale

Turner Turnpike and Creek, 81st, 68th and 61st

I-244 & Lewis, Yale, Harvard, Sheridan and Memorial

I-44 & 33rd, 75, Peoria, Lewis and Harvard

Broken Arrow Expressway & Elm, 177th, Muskogee Turnpike and 41st

ODOT already has more than a dozen cameras in Tulsa. It says they're used solely for monitoring traffic conditions and are never recorded.

The contract to install the new cameras won't go out for bid until November so installation on won't take place until next year.

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