TULSA, Oklahoma - If you had to be out Monday morning, the drive wasn't easy. Even with snow and ice-packed roads, there were still plenty of people who had to get to work.

Even with most kids already warm and safe inside, thanks to school being out for President's Day, the morning commute was slow and wheel-spinning - even dangerous at times.

One crash happened at Interstate 44 Eastbound, just west of 33rd West Avenue, where this driver apparently wasn't hurt in a rollover.

Officials on scene told us it was due to someone trying to pass the driver on the right - causing them to lose control.

On-and-off ramps, like one at Broken Arrow and Sheridan, called for slow and steady driving to avoid getting stuck and causing a major back-up.

City crews were busy for hours on surface streets, treating and plowing Riverside at 19th as well as traditional problem areas like the hills at 61st and Sheridan.

Even that didn't prevent some cars from getting stuck at that pesky intersection.

If you did have to go to work, like some folks on Brookside, one boss told us they warned their employees Sunday night.

"We told them to just take their time when they came in on Monday morning. And so far the kitchen help's here and the servers will be in," said Bernie Johnson of R Bar & Grill.

Some owners hired a plow truck to make room for customers in parking lots, while people like Donald Fowler offered their services to shovel sidewalks in front of shops.

"It's not too bad. If you get two or three layers on, it's pretty good," Donald Fowler said. "But after an hour or two, being out in the cold - it gets pretty cold, no matter how many layers you've go on."

If you're clearing your sidewalk today, make sure to take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and like Donald, keep your scoops small.