The city said hail damaged some of its vehicles and some traffic lights still are out of order, but the worst hit seems to be Galaxy Home Recreation in east Tulsa.

Workers are busy cleaning up the mess at Galaxy Home Recreation's Admiral and Memorial location.

The storm damaged its lighting, gutters, cameras and fencing, but the biggest issue is it ripped their roof off the warehouse, and of course, took out power to the area.

The roofing metal that was on the warehouse roof, is now in damaged hot tubs filled with material and debris.

From across the highway on Thursday, you could see crews battling a tarp to cover the roof.

Heavy rain poured inside, affecting all the hot tubs, playgrounds and furniture stored.

Because of past storms in Oklahoma, even with insurance, this is going to cost big bucks.

"Raised the wind and hail deductible, so there's a lot more out of pocket costs, and we whittled down our coverage to keep premiums from being too high,” store owner Ronak Shah said.

We also found a large tree uprooted in someone's yard near 15th and Harvard, as well as power poles down, some leaning precariously on wires, other poles just strewn across the street.

The winds blew a metal culvert out of a nearby yard and bent it around a lightpole by U.S. Highway 75, coming south into downtown.

And the bricks were knocked out of the top of an old building near Archer and Maybelle, leaving a pile on the grass.

The City of Tulsa says operations are back to normal Thursday evening.

As for Galaxy, they have a new store at 71st and Garnett that's fully operational.