TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Plenty of people turned out this Labor Day to see and participate in the return of the Great Raft Race.

It was an Annual event through the 1970s and 80s, but the Raft Race ended in 1990 making this the first one in 24 years.

Monday morning, all it took was a few strong backs to get your raft down the ramp and into the water. All morning long a small army of volunteers hauled raft after raft down to the river.

Race Director Seth Erkenbeck said, "Things are going smooth. I think everyone's having a good time. We're excited to have the raft race back.”

And folks were excited to be in it, they ended up with almost twice as many people entered as they have planned for - about 850 riding on a little over 200 watercraft of one kind or another.

Spectators seemed to be having just as much fun as the participants, as they packed the launch point and lined the bridges along the way.

River West Festival Park was the finish, and there was a huge crowd waiting to welcome the rafters.

I saw Leslie Johnson, whom I talked to last week. Her dad floated the first three years and she was too young to go, not this time, though, and she wasn't missing it.

"I did it and my dad was under the 11th Street Bridge and cheering me on, so it was incredible," she said.

Everyone was in good spirits, and there were smiles all around.