TULSA, Oklahoma - Vandals damaged popular soccer fields at 101st and Delaware, destroying property and forcing the cancellation of games planned for Saturday. Thirty-two teams had their games canceled after someone crashed through a gate and drove through the SoccerPlex.

Someone drove onto the fields - taking down fences, goals and a port-a-potty. Organizers had to close two of the fields to do repairs. 

Witnesses say pieces of the vehicle that did the damage were left behind.

About a thousand youth soccer players fill 12 fields every weekend at the Metro Tulsa Soccer Club south of Riverside and the Creek Turnpike.

The club fields are always at capacity, so it is hard for the club to see two of the busy fields closed after they found goals vandalized.

"It's just extra hassle," Tony Brobst said.

Brobst and the board members couldn't believe what they saw -- a trail of destruction starting from one of the front gates to the back fields.

“Never happened here. Never happened,” he said. “We've had people get on the field with vehicles and make divots in the field, never damage to our goals like this and to fences, physical damage.”

Brobst estimates the damages total $10,000.

He thinks a gas cap and hitch cover found came from a car after the driver hit fence posts and soccer nets.

“Why? I mean, it's just blatant vandalism,” Brobst said. “They were trying to tear things up on our field and we have no idea why."

Sapulpa's baseball complex was damaged to the tune of several thousand dollars earlier this week. A 41-year-old man and three juveniles were arrested in that incident.