TULSA, Oklahoma - Andy Warhol's In Living Color exhibit is coming to the Philbrook Museum this Sunday.

The exhibit showcases more than 100 pieces by Warhol, including some of his most famous works - like his portraits of Marilyn Monroe.

Warhol once said he liked boring things and often created art by featuring simple things but making them look elaborate.

You can also see works by 17 other contemporary artists, which is part of a Jordan Schnitzer's collection.

Curator of contemporary art, Dr. Sienna Brown, said, "I think people will really enjoy it. It is bright, and it is fun, and I think a little thought provoking, and it is a great opportunity to some works here in Tulsa that have never been here before."

The In Living Color exhibit will be at the Philbrook until January 17th.

It does require a special $6 admission, on top of the $9 to get into the museum.