TULSA, Oklahoma - The former CFO of Arrow Trucking will spend 35 months in prison and pay back more than $21 million for his role in the company's bank fraud scheme.

Friday afternoon, a federal judge sentenced Jonathan Moore, just one week after the company's former CEO, Doug Pielsticker, was sentenced to 7-and-a-half years in prison.

Moore came clean to the authorities about the financial scheme back in 2010 – which is how it came to light. He then testified against Pielsticker last week, in exchange for a lighter sentence for himself.

Now, he is asking for forgiveness from everyone at Arrow Trucking.

If not for Moore's help, prosecutors said they could not have gotten Pielsticker to plead guilty. That's why Moore and his lawyer, Stanley Monroe, asked the judge for leniency and to forgo prison time altogether.

"Obviously, I was asking the court for probation and was hopeful that, because of Mr. Moore's extraordinary cooperation in the investigation, that the Court might consider departing even further from the guidelines," Monroe said.

The judge, instead, gave him 35 months in prison, saying Moore could have walked away from the bank fraud scheme, and even though he did come clean eventually, he did take part in the crime.

Prosecutors said they're grateful for Moore's cooperation in their investigation, but agree he should serve time in prison.

Assistant U.S. Attorney, Jeffrey Gallant, said, "Mr. Moore cooperated and came in the very beginning of this investigation and assisted as much as he could. For that, he deserved credit. But, at the same time, while he wasn't the architect of this massive fraud, he was, if you will, the mechanic."

Prosecutors said it was Pielsticker's idea to turn in fake company invoices, cheating their bank out of millions of dollars, but Moore went along with the plan - a scheme that ultimately led to Arrow's downfall and left 1,700 workers across the country out of work.

Now, Moore's asking them to forgive him.

"I deeply regret my actions and involvement in 2009. I seek the forgiveness and grace of the Arrow truckers and former employees. No amount of time will ease the burden and shame that I feel on a daily basis for my actions," he said.

Moore has until January 6th to report to federal prison. The judge granted him an extension after his lawyer told him Moore hoped to spend the holidays with his family.