McALESTER, Oklahoma - A McAlester woman is recovering after police say she was held prisoner and beaten by a man who reportedly tried to make her miscarry. Court records show Shannon Wayne Cottrell, 39, held a woman prisoner and used a wire hanger to try to kill her unborn child.

An affidavit said Cottrell first got mad at the dog and started hitting and kicking it until it bled from the mouth. When the dog hid under the bed and would not come out, Cottrell started hitting the woman, pulling her hair and biting her.

He reportedly beat on her "off and on" most of the night, records state. He grabbed a metal clothes hanger and tried to assault her with it but was unsuccessful. The victim was able to escape the next morning, police said. Cottrell forced her to shower and left the home in her car. She was able to escape, hide in the woods and then went to her work for help.

A medical exam showed bruising, bite marks and hand prints on her body.

The woman filed a protective order against Cottrell who was booked into the Pittsburg County jail on complaints of kidnapping and domestic abuse.