BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A man accused of pointing a gun at children is out of jail on bond. He said he never pointed the gun, only that he had it on him when he opened the door.

Adam Fuller said kids were knocking on his door and running away all day Thursday, so he finally opened the door with a gun - and now he's facing a charge of pointing a weapon.

Inside the Greens at Battle Creek Apartments, Kristi Eastep said, children often roam the halls and grounds.

"When she goes out to play with her friends I always have my door cracked so I can hear. If she gets into any trouble I could run quickly, and I always go out to check on her at least every five minutes I would say," she said.

Eastep said, when her daughter, Alexis, goes out to play, there are strict rules to follow.

"She has to stay within our vicinity at this building right here. She can't go upstairs, she can go downstairs, but only in the front," she said.

But on Thursday, as children took advantage of Fall Break, police said playtime for a group of kids turned scary - and ended with the arrest of the 22-year-old Fuller.

The children told police they were sitting on the bottom stairs near Fuller's apartment, taking a break from skateboarding. They said Fuller came out of his apartment and pointed a gun at "The victim's genitals and then his head."

The report says Fuller told police people kept "knocking on his door and was frustrated about it."

He said he never pointed the gun at the children; he just had it with him when he answered the door. But the children said they never knocked on his door.

Eastep said she didn't see what happened, but admits children do often prank knock on doors.

Even so, she said what Fuller is accused of is shocking.

"It makes me sick to my stomach. These kids are just innocently playing, you know. We did it as kids, knocking on someone's door and running away, and I don't feel a gun is a necessary retaliation toward any circumstances, let alone children," Eastep said.

We did knock on Fuller's door, but no one answered.

Employees at the complex didn’t comment on this incident, specifically, but said if residents have a complaint, it’s better to let management know instead of confronting the person directly.