OKMULGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office identified a woman killed in her home Saturday night.

Investigators say 62-year-old Rebecca Hamilton was shot killed when she interrupted an intruder in her home.

The sheriff said a newly-formed task force is helping with the investigation.

With all the charm of a small town, Beggs is the kind of place where people usually feel safe, but after well-loved Becky Hamilton was killed at her home, there's an uneasy feeling.

Sheriff Eddy Rice said, "Small America, everybody's panicking, that kind of stuff."

Rice said a call came into 911 Saturday that a woman had been shot, later identified as the 62-year-old Hamilton.

The sheriff said when Hamilton came home, around 10:00 Saturday night, an intruder was already there.

When she came home she apparently disturbed the individual, or he was trying to leave and fired a shot, killing her, and fled the scene.

Rice said Hamilton was able to make a phone call after she was shot, and, within minutes, law enforcement was on the scene.

The sheriff couldn't say if anything was taken from Hamilton's home. He also couldn't say what the motive might be, but said leads are coming in fast.

“We have a lot of information. We have to run down every lead, we can leave no stone unturned, so we have to run down every lead,” said Rice.

Hamilton worked at Smith's General Store and everyone in town seemed to know her and had only good things to say about her, but the murder has left the town on edge.

Rice said, “I would not want to alarm people, but they need to be prepared. We do not have a suspect in custody at this moment.”