BIXBY, Oklahoma - For nearly ten years, Bixhoma Lake in Bixby has almost been forgotten.

The grass is overgrown and the bathrooms are in bad shape, but a group of people hopes to bring the lake back to life.

It's been about one month since the Bixhoma Lake Endowment Project got underway. A lot of work has been done to clear out most of the grass, but much more needs to be done.

Overgrown weeds still hold claim to spots around Bixhoma Lake, taking over the stairs and at least one restroom.

Within the past month, though, Andy Brungardt and 70 volunteers working with the Bixhoma Lake Endowment Project have used machines and their hands to transform many areas.

"It was like ‘someone has to do something out here. It's way too nice to not do something with,’" he said.

Monday was Mike Maguffe and his wife D’s first time to the lake. Had they visited a month ago, they would have found a much different surrounding.

Mike said, "The landscape does, in particular, this lake is real serene and that's what we really enjoy about it. You don't hear the buzz of boats, a lot of background noise; it's a real serene place to come."

Lake Bixhoma is a city-run park but competes for funds with parks within the city.

Brungardt hopes to change that, with continued support from the city and community.

"And so we thought if we work with the city in taking care of the property it would be a win-win for the city, and the city has been great as far as allowing us, basically gave us the green light on everything we've done so far," he said.

Brungardt said until the group gets its 501c3 non-profit designation, further tear down and renovation of the restrooms will have to wait.

But, based on what they see, the Maguffes are hopeful and said they'll be signing up to help bring Bixhoma Lake back to life.

Volunteers are always appreciated. Brungardt said they often struggle to get the heavy equipment to clear out the area.

Right now the city has provided gravel but they don't have the machinery to put it down.

If you'd like to help, you can make donations at the Grand Lake Bank under the Bixhoma Lake Endowment.