TULSA, Oklahoma - There’s more frustration over the new downtown parking meters, this time in the Greenwood District. One business owner says it’s confusing and driving customers away.

One of the problems is the sign announcing it is a paid parking area; however, the meter for all of the spots is around the corner and not even visible.

“You can't find where to pay... so you look up and down the street... and the meter is around the corner and it's confusing,” one man said.

Patron after patron talked to News On 6 about the parking situation on Wednesday afternoon.

It's a popular spot for lunch, and typically, the parking is full. But since the paid parking enforcement began, spots are now left open.

Patrons who know about the paid parking tend to choose the free lot down the block.

Those that want to park front and center said they're confused about where to pay.

"We don't even know where it is, I guess it's around the corner,” another man said.

One man walked all the way down the block to find the meter, and as he walked back, he shared his frustrations.

And it's something business owner Dewey Morrow is concerned about.

“My customers, honestly, they're flipping a coin,” Morrow said. “I've been fortunate so far that none of them have gotten tickets, but if they get one, that's a potential customer I'll never get again."

Morrow runs the D & F mini mart, a convenience store that is losing its convenience.

“[What if] you come in to spend $5 or $6 with me and get a $30 ticket, a $25 ticket?” Morrow said.

Or if you pay a dollar to park for less than 5 minutes, only to go in and buy something that costs about the same.

Morrow’s dream was to own a business along the historical Black Wall Street, and he likes that the area is mainly mom and pop shops.

“We need to bring people in, not run them off," Morrow said.

Between the location of the meter and the big change for patrons, Dewey fears for his business and the others if nothing changes.

Morrow and some of the other business owners said they're meeting with the city on Thursday to talk about the problem.